End of January goal update: living is hard

End of January goal update: living is hard

I’m using my Friday afternoon to update my goals, while I frantically watch my email waiting for responses to a whole mess of communications. I’ve stressed myself out over this of late, so have decided to instigate #screenfreeweekend as of 5pm. No twitter, no facebook, no linkedin (many of my messages are via there), no email. Until Monday morning. (Instagram is exempt due to the 100 Days of Happy project.)

This may kill me.


I will survive, talk to my husband, play with my dog, finish the latest book I’m reading, go to yoga, cook and generally be happy.

(Could swing either way really.)

So how am I tracking on my personal goals? A bit all over the place.

10,000 steps: my monthly Jan average is 10,132, so yeah. BUT, I have terrible tendonitis in my achilles and have a appointment with a podiatrist next week.
Yoga 5 times a week: I did 18 classes in January, so about 4 classes a week. That’s OK. I have also injured my hip (I am such a physical wreck) so have had 2-3 days off a few times trying to heal it. As yet I’m still not 100%. Yet I also don’t think I’m working as hard as I should be.
Whole 30-ish. I was so good…until January 26th. And this week I’ve fallen off the wagon completely. There was mac n cheese consumed. And chocolate. I have not, however, had any alcohol. Not a drop. I have felt worse this week though, but it’s a bit of a combination of the injury, general surliness and poorer foods. Guess what? They’re all linked! I also feel like I’ve gained weight, or not lost is as I’d hoped. Too scared to get on scales, but I can tell in my clothes. RECONFIRM FOCUS NEEDED, especially as alcohol is back as of tomorrow.
Focus on authenticity in my relationships: good and bad here. I have my social media paranoia under control, but have had a rocky week with my husband. Enough said on this.
100 Days of Happy project – linked to a general focus on the positive in my life: this is actually going really well. I am enjoying the challenge and taking some good photos. Keep it up.
And still not drinking tea.


Get my physical body back to a place where I don’t have to take iboprufen daily, while understanding that people not responding to my interview requests is not a judgement on my personality. Maybe eating gelato messina next week (my mum is coming, she loves it) but no more mac n cheese.

Living is hard.